Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Motorcycles, Beanies and Snapbacks? Oh my!

After school most kids go to the mall, hangout with their friends, sleep, or do that crazy thing called studying. I prefer to dress up as my alter ego and take pictures! Haha, I'm not really a hard core girl that rides a motorcycle...but hey, I wear leather sometimes, and I just bought a leather skirt! That's what's great about photo shoots, you can theme them and be a different person for a couple of hours. I have way too much fun with planning out themes for shoots. I definitely see a little bit of art direction in my future. Anyways...yeah the editing looks a little different huh? That's because I did it..........don't judge! It's my first time editing photos, and I took it a little far. On one picture, I couldn't decide if I liked black and white or color I posted both! As far as the outfit, I found this shirt in the mens section of H&M for 4 dollars. I like the cause. Fashion works wonders, and supports good causes. You've got to fight to be in fashion, so fashion fights back. What do you fight for?
(figured the caps would make it more "hardcore")
Jacket: XXI (Canada Shop)
Shirt: H&M MENS

Photos by :Kayla Aihara
Instagram: kaylaaihara

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  1. Love your blog! Nice outfits. xo