Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Motorcycles, Beanies and Snapbacks? Oh my!

After school most kids go to the mall, hangout with their friends, sleep, or do that crazy thing called studying. I prefer to dress up as my alter ego and take pictures! Haha, I'm not really a hard core girl that rides a motorcycle...but hey, I wear leather sometimes, and I just bought a leather skirt! That's what's great about photo shoots, you can theme them and be a different person for a couple of hours. I have way too much fun with planning out themes for shoots. I definitely see a little bit of art direction in my future. Anyways...yeah the editing looks a little different huh? That's because I did it..........don't judge! It's my first time editing photos, and I took it a little far. On one picture, I couldn't decide if I liked black and white or color I posted both! As far as the outfit, I found this shirt in the mens section of H&M for 4 dollars. I like the cause. Fashion works wonders, and supports good causes. You've got to fight to be in fashion, so fashion fights back. What do you fight for?
(figured the caps would make it more "hardcore")
Jacket: XXI (Canada Shop)
Shirt: H&M MENS

Photos by :Kayla Aihara
Instagram: kaylaaihara

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Orange Grove

This was really, really hard.

 Had another great shoot with Kayla Aihara. This time we took a little trip to an orange grove/ public park kind of place. It was such a gorgeous day, it was the best time to shoot. Kayla and I wandered through all the different areas of the grove, and did so for a good two hours. It was great. I know..I'm obsessed with this hat. It just works with every outfit! I'll try to do something different with my hair for the next shoot. Promise.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gray Daze

Finally an outfit post from me! I've been busy with my internship at Morning Warrior (, work, and school! So I decided to bring my camera with me to school. As you can see I start most school days driving downtown with my friend Kaitlyn. She's awesome, extremely talented, and we used to work together! She is a visual communications student, which was my previous major. Then there are my two business besties Melissa & Jann. We were in our professional presentation class preparing for our negotiation next week. You might be wondering why there is an Emmy in one of pictures, well I went to listen to a representative speak from the Academy. She came to FIDM to speak about the amazing summer internships with The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation. Its a long shot for me, but I'm still going to try! Why not!
Hope you enjoyed spending a day at FIDM with me!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Date With Jess

Jessica's "Michael Jackson" pose.

Date with the one and only Jessica Vardi! Jessica is amazing. We've been friends since I'm 12, she's practically seen me grow up. She now goes to college in Santa Barbara! This weekend Jess came home, so of course we hung out. She loves to shoot with me, so I took her to the abandoned castle. (You've seen me shoot here before) Then we went on an ice cream date at the Desoto Pharmacy! It's like a random old fashion ice cream parlor in the middle of a pharmacy...coolest place. We used to go all the time. I had a great's your Saturday been?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bloom Into Spring

Bloom Into Spring

Lipsy sequin dress
$110 -

Valentino ankle strap heels
$920 -

Genuine leather handbag
$155 -

Essie nail polish
$22 -

I can't wait for spring! Bring on the pastels, florals, and dresses. Blush pink has become one of my new favorite colors, which is surprising because I love my darks colors. Hope you enjoy my Polyvore outfit posts as much as I do!

PS: This could be a  pretty cute Valentine's day outfit. :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day Three-With Friends

Day three everyone! This outfit was from friday. After school I went straight to a shoot, so I couldn't post the look. That's one of my school security guards. He saw us taking pictures and clearly decided he wanted to make it look like I was getting in trouble...He's hilarious. Anyways..those other two girls (Amanda and Mikayla) are friends of mine that are in my yearbook class! We all kind of just left the class to go take these pictures..and had a ton of fun doing it! Amanda enjoyed playing photographer for the day. Skipping around school, taking pictures, what could be bad? Sorry about the loss of make up...yeah no explanation for that unfortunately.
Hope you guys enjoyed my three days of high school fashion! Next, i'm thinking 3 days of denim...who's ready?
Jacket: Nordstrom
Pants: XXI
Bag: Vintage
Scarf: H&M USA
Sweater: Merona

Photo Credits: Amanda Alonso