Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gray Daze

Finally an outfit post from me! I've been busy with my internship at Morning Warrior (, work, and school! So I decided to bring my camera with me to school. As you can see I start most school days driving downtown with my friend Kaitlyn. She's awesome, extremely talented, and we used to work together! She is a visual communications student, which was my previous major. Then there are my two business besties Melissa & Jann. We were in our professional presentation class preparing for our negotiation next week. You might be wondering why there is an Emmy in one of pictures, well I went to listen to a representative speak from the Academy. She came to FIDM to speak about the amazing summer internships with The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation. Its a long shot for me, but I'm still going to try! Why not!
Hope you enjoyed spending a day at FIDM with me!


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