Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wooden Wall

Black/White post today...When color fails to match, black and white is a great answer. I actually wore this outfit last week in Vegas, and didn't have time to shoot it! It was a really quick trip, Sunday-Monday. Anyways, I had a great time shooting with some of my new blogger friends Peter, Brandon and Yoshi yesterday! I've been really into this style of skirt, a short pencil. I like the way it fits. Style tip: MAKE SURE EVERYTHING FITS YOU PROPERLY...It's a pet peeve of mine when people wear things that don't fit them. (Unless its for a purpose)
Have a great week everyone :)

Shirt: H&M      Skirt: Lush     Photos: My new blogger friend Brandon! (

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Road to Magic

Some pics we took on our way to Las Vegas for Magic and Agenda trade shows last weekend! It was so hot...kind of gross. This was my first time in Vegas as well! I mean, I had a great time at the trade shows, but I have to say Vegas is not the first place i'll be traveling back to. I'll just go back to Paris. (The real one, not the fake little Eiffel Tower in Vegas..) 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Just Denim

Quick post today, if I didn't do it now, it wouldn't have gotten done. I'm so busy with school its insane. I've also been shooting like crazy. More cool posts to come. Just shot with Peter Adrian, and we had a great time! (check his blog at the link below) This is a slightly boring/lazy outfit. Yes, I wore this outfit, mainly because I was too lazy to put together a really good outfit. But hey, denim on denim is a good way to solve an " I don't know what to wear" issue. Some are opposed, I think its a great casual look.

Isn't the photography great on these pictures? Hopefully all of my pictures will start looking this good! Peter is really great with the camera, and he attempted teaching me techniques for better picture quality. I'm going to try to remember all the things he showed me for the next time I shoot!
 How do you feel about denim on denim?

Shorts: Levi 501 Top: H&M Sandals: Nicole's Amazing car: Peter's neighbors.
Photo Credits: Peter Adrian

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Return

The days aren’t as long, and the nights aren’t as warm. Yes; summer is almost over, and with that comes Fall and the start of a new school year. But take a small break from worrying about all the grades and stresses and focus on what we look forward to: new outfits. It’d be too easy to completely rely on buying new gear for the upcoming term. One of the best, most fun parts of dressing up is that you are in complete control of what you wear. Keep your individual identity by pairing up new statement pieces with cute duds that are already in your closet. We all have those jeans that make our legs look miles long and make us feel as powerful as Beyonce when we wear them (and if you don’t, find them ASAP!). So match your favorite pair of denim with the leather accented tops from this season. Another look we like is wearing a jacket like the one in pictures a & b with the rising trend of black and white print denim. Take a look at our mini-collage from our posts up until now to find some inspiration for your return to Fall look. What do you think you’re gonna be mixing and matching this Fall?

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