Monday, February 4, 2013

Malibu Sunday

How was your Superbowl Sunday? MINE was fantastic. It was spent with James and Nicole, in paradise. Well, Malibu beach. This weekend, I was a little bummed out that I'm going to be missing out on New York Fashion Week and Project in Vegas. It's hard being a kid so into fashion, blogging, the industry, and anything related. Why is it hard? You don't get invited to any of the fun events that all the people you look up to, get to be involved in. You get to watch it all happen through Instagram, Vine, and Twitter, while your at home preparing for your high school fashion show. I will depend on social media to live vicariously though everyone else at these events for the next few weeks. Shout out to famous bloggers: PLEASE update your instagrams regularly. Thanks! Although, I know that one day my time will come. I am SO impatient. I have been told by several people that everything happens for a reason, and just to wait for my special day, when I'm offered the opportunity of a life time. I can't wait for that one day. To clear my mind, we took a nice little trip down to Malibu and had some fun on the beach. I love these pictures. I hope you do too. Who won the Superbowl anyways?


Sweater: Vintage
Shorts: 2020 Ave.
Sunnies: 2020 Ave.
Necklace: XXI
Watch: Sanrio
Bracelets: Nicole's room

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