Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day Three-With Friends

Day three everyone! This outfit was from friday. After school I went straight to a shoot, so I couldn't post the look. That's one of my school security guards. He saw us taking pictures and clearly decided he wanted to make it look like I was getting in trouble...He's hilarious. Anyways..those other two girls (Amanda and Mikayla) are friends of mine that are in my yearbook class! We all kind of just left the class to go take these pictures..and had a ton of fun doing it! Amanda enjoyed playing photographer for the day. Skipping around school, taking pictures, what could be bad? Sorry about the loss of make up...yeah no explanation for that unfortunately.
Hope you guys enjoyed my three days of high school fashion! Next, i'm thinking 3 days of denim...who's ready?
Jacket: Nordstrom
Pants: XXI
Bag: Vintage
Scarf: H&M USA
Sweater: Merona

Photo Credits: Amanda Alonso

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