Monday, September 23, 2013

Yesterday's Light

Yesterday was the official first day of fall! Hooray! Something about the light yesterday just felt like fall time. I'm not sure why, but around the turn of every season something hints at me that it's finally arrived. Different smells, lighting, air...senses! I spent yesterday shooting in LA with a new photographer friend! Hanging out with new people is always so refreshing. Anyways- this look is more of a dressy Sunday's Best type of look without going to church! It was really easy to throw together- Black and White when all else fails! White sweater, b&w skirt, black necklace and booties. Done!

I'll be posting more outfit posts this week, so stay tuned!
Don't forget to check my account for all of my looks(sometimes I'm faster at posting on there)

Photography credits:
Ryan Salcedo


  1. Cute outfit! xo

  2. Looking beautiful baby girl. Miss you :'(

  3. Love your sweater!!

    love your look!


  4. I noticed it too with the sunlight. It brings me some kind of feeling. I hope you enjoy Fall like me. And I agree with you -- for me, Black + White is the easiest palette ever!

  5. Stroking myself enjoying your awesome legs