Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hey there! Been a while since I've posted a new outfit. Well, here ya go! We're trying to transition into fall here in sunny Los Angeles..but there's one problem. It's too god dang sunny!! It's been 100 degrees here. Don't the weather gods know it's September and bloggers need to dress for fall? Goodness. I see all the cute posts from other bloggers on the east coast in their winter attire, and i'm jealous! I'm so ready to layer. This seasons colors are as follows: Mustard, Maroon, Olive, Navy and Black. As soon as the weather calms down a lil bit, i'll be getting on those fall looks! For now, I'm craving some parisian style. Therefore, I threw together this little "mens wear" parisian style outfit. Little sweater and slacks with glittery Steve Madden oxfords. Just somethin' a little different for ya guys!

Enjoy your weekend! And for you so cal residents, stay cool & pray for cooler weather.



  1. Cute outfit! xo

  2. You look so tall in these shots babe!

    Miss you!