Monday, April 22, 2013

Venice Beach

Headed off to Venice Beach on Friday to kick off a great weekend. My friend Sivan and I thought it would be fun to ride beach cruisers and parade around Venice with our cameras. (Of course, the camera comes everywhere nowadays). It was so much fun to ride bikes along the shore. It was the most fun I'd had in a while actually, and relaxing at the same time.You really never forget how to ride! After bike riding, we sat on the beach and drank some strawberry banana contraption smoothies while soaking up the beautiful California sun. Who else is as excited for summer as I am? I only have about a month left until I kiss high school goodbye, and welcome the rest of my life with open arms. But first stop...prom. Only the biggest hassle of my life. I may rip my hair out before I can even get it done! I ordered my dress off line, I should be getting it soon. Of course there will be tons of pictures! Don't forget to follow my instagram for tons of prom updates. @Carlyybethh !
Love you guys!


Photo credits: Sivan Ayla. Be sure to check out her blog here----->


  1. love your hair <3 great blog btw, following :)

  2. Oh, that hat is cute! And your hair is amazing!! I'm trying to get mine that long, right now.

    Jillian -

  3. wow, your are beautiful!! And your style is great, I like it so much!!!! I have to say that your blog is my cup of tea!! :-))

  4. Hi! Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and I nominated you for Liebster and Versatile Blogger Awards :) Check out my blog for more information :)

  5. Great look! Killer friggin shades....