Saturday, April 13, 2013

Santa Barbara Casual

Went up to Santa Barbara yesterday to visit my friend Jessica, who is a student at UCSB. Probably the most gorgeous college campus I've ever seen. It's really a hard knock life for her. If I went to UCSB, I'd never be in class. Too many beautiful locations to take pictures. There's a lagoon in the middle of campus. I mean, come on! We took these pictures up at what's called "Campus Pointe". Amazing views of the ocean. It was a great afternoon. My friend Natalya took the trip with me. We blasted our favorite tunes all the way along the glorious drive for an hour and a half. Although extremely entertaining, It was hard to control Nat's dancing...and she was driving my car. Enough said. It was a long trip up from LA, so I was dressed pretty comfy. Lazy denim is always my favorite. The night ended nicelywith dinner in Isla Vista. On the drive home I was dismissed to sit in the back seat of my own car. At least I got the privilege of being DJ.
Happy weekend.

Pants: H&M  Photos by Natalya Yonathan & me :)

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  1. Lovely outfit! And Santa Barbara looks so beautiful! x